Resources Overview

OPENPediatrics maintains a clinician community site that supports online learning, social collaboration and access to information on demand. We make a subset of the resources developed for that community available here on our public site as well. Please feel free to browse through the collections below, and clinicians are encouraged to access the full set of OPENPediatrics resources and tools by signing up for a free account on the clinician community site using the Login/Register button above.

Peritoneal Dialysis SimulatorUntitled-300x227

The Peritoneal Dialysis simulator (currently only available via free registration on our clinician community site) offers stand-alone education on all elements of managing a child on peritoneal dialysis. This tool contains a knowledge guide to explain key concepts, tactics, and case scenarios where the learner is asked to care for a variety of simulated patients. A video walkthrough of the peritoneal dialysis simulator is available on this site.

Virtual Ventilator

VirtVent-DisplayThe virtual ventilator (currently only available via free registration on our clinician community site) is an immersive online mechanical ventilation training tool. This tool allows the user to take care of virtual patients without having to actually be in the intensive care unit; training can happen on any computer with an internet connection.  A video walkthrough of the virtual ventilator is available on this site.

World Shared Practice Forums

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 3.47.32 PM

World Shared Practice Forums are monthly discussion based videos with international physician and nurse experts that allow users from around the world to discuss current issues and share best practices. Watch all of the Physician and Nursing World Shared Practice Forums here.

Animation & Illustration Gallery

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 3.55.27 PMAs we produce the many videos for our clinician community site, our talented team of medical illustrators creates hundreds of images and animations to highlight key concepts. OPENPediatrics shares some of these animations and illustrations in our Animation and Illustration Gallery so medical educators and clinicians can download them and use them in presentations and instructional materials.

Clinician Resources

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 3.59.50 PMOPENPediatrics produces many educational videos that cover a range of pediatric care topics, from critical care to cardiology to emergency event planning. All content is thoroughly peer reviewed and academically rigorous. Excerpts of our clinician videos are presented in the collection on our Clinician Resources page, and the full videos may be accessed by registering for and accessing our clinician community site.

Medical Calculators

Apgar-display-3Our medical calculators provide quick and easy resources in which clinicians can input patients’ physiologic variables to generate additional data that can help guide clinical care. Calculators available range in focus from respiratory care to cardiac care to general ICU topics. All of the calculators on our site also provide primary source references for our material for those clinicians who seek additional resources.